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Budget jacks have 16 mm thread,and 17-20mm hole required in cill depending on how much float you wish for onsite installation.

Min 12mm hole is required in plastic outer sleeveto enable jacking operation(most users cut out section approx 25mm wide.

locater spreader plate fits top of pole.

jack is fitted and adjusted using tommybar holes, outer sleeve

then turned so jacking hole(slot falls inside frame).

prices from £6.50(subject to order)

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These are load tested by certifed indenpendent company to 10 tons and sold as 4 ton max load.the adjustment is via tommy bar holes (capstan style) from bottom of installation.

These are also suitable for latest variable profile systems, also square ,

135 degree, and specials like WHS halo, Liniar

European reg design 000355052-0001

prices from £8.50each(subject to order)

Special Section Jacking kits
two jacks

These are button jacks or budget jacks supplied with inserts to fit square, 135 degree, and special section,  they are tested to 7 ton and sold as 2 ton max load.

they are covered by European design reg as staed in earlier listing

prices start from £8.00 (subject to order)

Toploader jacking kits
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Adjustable from top of pole and eliminates need to cut plastic extrusions,tested to 6 tons and sold as 2ton max loading

European Reg Design 000488648-0001

prices from £10.50 each (Subject to order)


spreader plates

while our kits are supplied with top tube spreader plates,

we can also supply stainless 3mm spreader plates for extra peace of mind(prices on application)

these come as square, and angled.

latest Rehau and Liniar system kits

we can supply jacking kits to fit all liniar section and also

Rehau 206700 series sections prices

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